Here is an incredible story of a 19-year-old lady who gave birth to a baby she didn’t know she had until 4 hours before she was delivered of the bouncing baby boy.

The 19-year American lady, Connie Whitton, christianed the 7lb 6oz baby Seth.

Connie was horrified when she began piling on pounds for no reason, even after she shed four stone and slimmed down to a size 6 after going on a diet, started suffering from constant backache as a result of the pictures she took to share on social media.

The Sun UK reports that she was sent for a scan, where she found out she was pregnant. She reportedly welcomed Seth 4 hours later.
Connie, from Barnsley, South Yorks, told the Mirror: “I found out I was pregnant at 9pm and had Seth in my arms at 1.05 the next morning. Those four hours were the entire nine months for me.
“I had no idea I was pregnant. I had no symptoms, no bump, no morning sickness . People have asked me since did I not feel him wriggling about at this late stage but, no, I honestly didn’t.”
Connie, who drank and went to the gym throughout her pregnancy, said she had been experiencing “an incredible amount of pain”.
After a doctor scanned her bladder to check for an infection, Connie was gobsmacked when a heartbeat was discovered.
She said: “I was shocked and thought I was maybe in the very early stages. But the doctor found I was in full labour.”
The new mum and partner Liam, also 19, had been looking forward to starting a family and had even picked out the name Seth if they had a boy. Connie described her surprise baby as “the best thing that ever happened”.