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23-year-old man stabs 4-year-old nephew to death

Tragedy struck in Kilingot village, Baringo north, Kenya, as a 23-year-old man allegedly stabbed his 4-year-old nephew to death.

The suspect, identified as Silas Kipkosgei, was reportedly the guardian of the young boy.

According to reports, the horrific incident unfolded when Kipkosgei enticed his nephew with sweets and rock cakes at his residence before carrying out the gruesome act.

The young boy was stabbed three times in the neck, resulting in his untimely death.

Solomon Cheptumo, an elder in the community, informed journalists that the little boy’s grandmother had returned from the farm to check on her grandson and serve him lunch.

However, she was unable to locate him. Concerned, she called out to the suspect, who was inside the house at the time, but received no response.

She then peeped through the window, seeing Kipkosgei sitting at the edge of the sofa watching his nephew, with some blood flowing on the sofa, she pleaded with him to open the door but he did not respond, and that’s when she suspected something was wrong and called out for help from the neighbors.

“Upon arrival, we made our way inside the living room, and to our shock found Kipkosgei drinking water from a cup while staring at the body of the deceased which was lying lifeless on the sofa with blood oozing from the stabbed wounds,” neighbors said.

The community, enraged by the tragic event, was on the verge of taking matters into their own hands and engaging in mob justice.

However, the timely arrival of the police prevented the situation from escalating further. The authorities managed to apprehend the suspect and took him into custody.

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