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6IXTYSIX might be one of the key pioneers of trap music in Nigeria

Nere “6ixtysix” Olare is an Independent Nigerian rapper changing the hip hop scene with a never heard before sound that spans from rap with a touch of rnb and soul. He got his big break when he released double Cup.

Which is his still the most streamed music on his catalog. With over a million streams across all platforms.
Born in Warri, Nigeria in 1999.

Having grown up next to a Choir he has groomed himself and has been enlightened about music since he was a child.

Also growing up in close proximity to an evangelist at the tender age of 6 he was added to a kid choir group where he was always given the lead role due to being outstanding.

Throughout his life, 6ixtySix has always been fascinated by music as an art and not a something everyone can do perfectly.

He idolized Micheal Jackson and knew all MJs lyrics even though he was born in Micheals prime, “I was so obsessed with MJ at a point I just wanted to curl my hair just thinking I’ll look like him”. He also idolized Kanye West and Young Thug.

“I’m a perfectionist I try to ignore some key areas in my songs but then I just think about it and can’t sleep till fix it. And to be honest I’m happy just making music I’m in a happy place”.

Here’s a link to his various social account and digital profiles.

Instagram @6ixtysixbaby
YouTube @6ixtysix







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