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7 things you never knew about Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim affair

The love birds found a way of manipulating the social media to their favour, keeping their love life off the headlines and leaking only what they want people to see.

Now here are seven things you most likely do not know about this power couple, Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim.

1. How they met:

They both met in Durban in South Africa at some event and had the opportunity to start off a conversation where they both wanted to be in charge of the music they were playing for friends.

The couple also revealed that they started off as friends before the finally fell in love and blossomed into a relationship.

“We met in Durban, South Africa, we were both there working on a project we were playing music for everyone through our phones and she was in charge, I wanted to connect my phone, so when I connected my phone, she was like I have these songs.

I was going to play these songs. For me that was what got it for me, we had a similar taste in music,”

said Iceberg Slim.

2. How they manage public scrutiny:

Their relationship was already going on for a while before people even paid attention.

It was when they dropped some photos online that was when everyone found out about their relationship.

The couple also spoke about how they don’t allow public scrutiny affect their relationship because, at the end of the day, it’s just two normal people dating.

“It’s life we don’t let it get to use take away the lights, camera, you are we someone, public scrutiny or public opinion doesn’t get to us or phase us”

Iceberg Slim explained.

3. What they like about each other:

Juliet Ibrahim said she likes the fact that Iceberg slim is very intelligent and also very confident in himself.

Iceberg Slim said he liked the fact that she is so real and down to earth. He also said one thing he loves about Juliet Ibrahim is her good heart.

“The first thing that got my attention from her was her kind heart. When we started talking and she began to tell me about the things she has done I just knew that she was a kind person.

She was real and down to earth, that was the first thing that caught my attention, she’s cool and we became good friends from there and the relationship just grew.

So one thing that I would say about her is her kind heart,”

Iceberg revealed.

4. Collaborating on a new song/ Matching tattoos:

Iceberg Slim says in 2018 they both will do a song together.

It will be a Juliet Ibrahim song featuring Iceberg Slim.

The Ghanaian actress also revealed that the matching tattoo was the very first tattoo she had.

“So we discussed it before we did it. It’s just something we wanted to do.

It took a lot of convincing to get to go it. Its just one of those things we decided to do as a couple.”

“2018 we definitely have done the song she has a song featuring me. 2018 you will hear the song featuring me,”

Iceberg revealed.

5. Spending time together despite busy careers:

The couple also spoke about how they find time to spend quality time with each other despite their busy schedule. They also revealed that they share similar things in common like staying indoors and watching movies.

6. The business side of their relationship:

Juliet Ibrahim also revealed that there is a business side to their relationship because a lot of people see them and admire their relationship as they have become brand ambassadors already as a couple.

“We still have a business side to our relationship. We just got signed to a perfume brand and then choose us as a couple.

Its how you put your relationship out there, if certain brands see you setting an example for others, there so many people who see us and say they are inspired by our relationship and now we are brand ambassadors as a couple and now we are looking at more deals because at the end of the day, its business going on and us in a relationship.

That’s where people need to get it right,”

Juliet Ibrahim explained.

7. The caught in the moment kiss scene:

The couple also spoke about how they got to kiss during a live interview, according to Iceberg Slim he was caught off guard.

Well during the exclusive interview with Pulse, the couple also got in the moment and share a passionate kiss.

Culled from PulseNg


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