Famous Nigerian comedienne and face of Wazobia FM, Omotunde Adebowale David known professionally as LOLO 1, has over the years excelled as one of the country’s best comediennes – on air, on stage or on the silver screen.

In her recent interview with Hip TV, the super star OAP & Actress  stated that most songs being publicized right now are just about having fun and do not have any message they are trying to pass.

She expressed disappointment at the present state of affairs being a far cry from what was obtainable in the past.

She said:

“I’m not sure if they’re passing any message because if you are looking at the content of music, what will you say you’re buying? It’s not that everybody talks crap but 97% of it has no meaning. ‘Bangdadadang’, what does that mean? ‘Skibidipapap’, doesn’t have any meaning, ‘Wo!’, it’s just play, we are just having [fun]

“It’s not like the music of Obey, Barrister, Sunny Ade, they had depth, they had what they wanted to pass, even though we have people here in this current generation that are doing conscious music, Fela was a great advocate, he did a lot of social impact in music.. but in this generation, i’m not sure”