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Ninola Apata speaks on the success of her younger sister Teni, says she is proud

Not many people are aware that singer Niniola and Teniola are blood sisters. The duo are both at the top of their game in the music industry and do different styles of music but one thing is clear, they still remain the Apata girls.

While many will expect that in trying to dominate the music industry being two different singers with different group of fans, Teni and her sister, Niniola would be each other’s competition however the opposite is the case for the talented siblings.

They are not only gradually becoming superstars, they also love and support eachother every chance they get. For Niniola, being the older the sibling and the first to hit the spotlight, she considers them both blessed and adores her baby sister’s music and rise to fame.

In a recent interview, the Designer crooner stated that she is super proud of Teni.

She said:

“Teni is my baby sister and her success makes me proud. That is my baby doing good and I am very happy for her. That is how a big sister should feel. As a big sister, we talk every day as opposed to what some people think. Apart from music, we are blood sisters.”

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