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A man who loves you will never put pen!s in your mouth – Lady says

A lady with twitter handle @ has become the topic of discussion on the streets of social media after she came out online to reveal what she believes that a man will never do to the woman he loves.

It’s clear how men get satisfied during bedroom exercise with their partners differs, they sometimes do crazy things just to get the best out of the relaxation.

However, since men seem to focus more on the intimate part of their relationship with their female partners, this lady on Twitter revealed how women can easily detect if their man truly loves them.

See her tweet below:

She pointed out that a man who loves you will be cautious about the things he does to you during bedroom exercise, he will not want to disrespect you in other to satisfy himself.

Many people didn’t agree with her idea so they objected with their own opinion.

See some of the comments below:


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