Actress Etinosa Idemudia receives a Benz gift after replying a DM from an ‘angel’


Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia, sure knows how to keep social media users talking with almost every post she puts out. Currently trending on social media is the news of her receiving a Mercedes Benz as a car gift in Dubai.

In an Instagram post, the clearly excited actress revealed she got the gift from an ‘angel’ who slid into her DM. Using the medium, she expressed gratitude and advised ladies to always reply their DMs.

She wrote:

“My Joy knows no bounds. Indeed my Dubai trip comes to an end with the biggest surprise gift I have ever gotten in my life.. It’s not even my birthday and I am not going to say “it’s God o” or “is hardwork” or “perspire to inspire” it’s not anything but a God sent Angel who once reached out to me via my DM!!

Like I am still crying I am humbled like I no know wetin to talk. See Dubai no cold but cold dey catch me. Automatic cold just hook me. I dey cry like Omomo dey use my inhaler dey wedge my ches(t. Ahhh God know say for this my life Na biggie belle I get I no get pride is like a dream I don’t want to believe yet That meI am leaving Dubai as a Mercedes Benz owner. And to think that all these started from just a DM! Girlss reply your DM O I am so grateful. My heart is full of gratitude.”

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In an interview with The Sun, the prolific Nollywood screen diva shared her experience as an actress and producer. She also spoke about her most embarrassing moment being the Instagram live video saga with MC Galaxy.

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