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Actress Olive Isioma says she dumped her boyfriend for a man that would treat her like a Queen (photos)

An upcoming Nigerian actress and scriptwriter Olive Isioma Utalor has shared some interesting details about what love means to her with her fans.

The actress also shared some details about her past relationship.

Utalor revealed that she recently broke up with her boyfriend because he did not have the ability to care of her like she is supposed to be taken care of.

The Delta-born actress, who still has not gotten over the heartbreak, noted that her ex-boyfriend loves her so much and she believes he would come back for her once he has the financial means.

She said: ”I left him because he couldn’t take very good care of me. Although he loves me so much I need a perfect man.” 26-year-old Utalor, who graduated with a degree in history and international relations from Ebonyi State University, said her ex would give her the royal treatment that she needs when he comes back into her life.

“I left my boyfriend for him to level up and I know he will later come back to me because he loves me so much and I am so special to him. Nobody has my smile. I’m special, I’m rare; in everything.”

In the interview she had with pearlsnews.com, Utalor stated that she believes that any woman that leaves a broke man loves him. She added that she needs a God fearing man who is hardworking.

She said: “Like I always say, any lady that walked away when you have nothing loves you. Just that poverty won’t let you understand. I need a God fearing man, who is hard working also. He should have everything that a woman wants. Love needs to be appreciated and blossomed so it can give it benefits in return. My ex is a good man but I need to be treated royally because I am a queen.”

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