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Adunni Ade publicly called out, faces allegations of debt owed to late actor Murphy Afolabi (Video)

Nollywood actress Adunni Ade has found herself in the midst of controversy as she has been called out for allegedly owing the late Nollywood actor Murphy Afolabi a sum of N250,000.

The issue arose during the 8-day Fidau Prayer held in honor of Murphy Afolabi, where an announcement was made urging Adunni Ade to refund the late actor’s money to his burial committee.

According to the announcement, Murphy had sent the money to Adunni Ade as payment for a role in his upcoming movie prior to his untimely demise.

In the presence of guests gathered for the event, they implored Adunni Ade to return the money owed.

“Adunni Ade, please return the N250,000 that you owe the late Murphy Afolabi,” the announcer said in Yoruba.

Watch video below,

Murphy Afolabi tragically passed away on Sunday, May 14, after reportedly slipping in his bathroom at his residence in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

His sudden death shocked the entertainment industry and left many mourning the loss of a talented actor.

In related news, a video of an Islamic cleric addressing why Muslims should not pray for the late Nigerian actor’s soul has gone viral, sparking reactions on social media.

In Islamic belief, it is customary to offer prayers for the departed to seek favor in the afterlife.

The cleric, identified as Sheikh Ahmad, declared that prayers should not be conducted for Murphy Afolabi due to the circumstances surrounding his life and work before his tragic death.

Despite being a Muslim, Afolabi was known for portraying traditional religious practices in his movies, such as acting as a herbalist and performing rituals that involve incantations and sacrifices.

According to Sheikh Ahmad, such portrayals go against Islamic principles and cannot be overlooked, even if they were part of his acting roles.

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