Alex Iwobi called out for mocking a fellow black man during a match (video)

Super Eagles star, Alex Iwobi was criticized on social media after holding his nose following a stand-off with Hamari Traore during the Europa League match yesterday.

The Arsenal midfielder has a brief clash with his Rennes opponent late in the 3-0 win at the Emirates stadium .

Iwobi appeared to kick out at Traore before the two exchanged words from close range in injury time.

The Gunners star then took a few steps backwards and held his nose – appearing to tell the Rennes player his breath smelt.

Some Twitter users found Iwobi’s gag hilarious. But many others criticized the Arsenal midfielder, calling him “unprofessional” and “classless”.

One Twitter user wrote: “Am an Arsenal fan but that was absolutely disgusting by Iwobi. He shouldn’t have done it to his fellow professional.”

Another tweet read: “That was classless of Iwobi…..nahh!!! It’s a shame. Really.”

Another social media user commented: “Iwobi is a fool, get that disrespectful kid out of my beloved club.”

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