So earlier today, we shared a report of Regina Daniels, accused of threatening to release her friend’s nudes for refusing to sleep with a movie producer, Richy Adams.

We also shared also a report of her alleged best friend, Casie, debunking the report and claiming it was leveled against Regina because she’s an actress.

However the real alleged victim of the threat, Nwabunike Anulika Frances, has spoken up and a quick check revealed that she’s indeed Regina Daniels friend. She wrote on Instagram;

“I may have been naive,stupid and outrightly foolish BUT it shall end in praise for this is the price one pays for trusting to a fault… At the end of the day, its not how one falls but how you rise above the adversity to stand strong… Mark my words, this will not kill nor break me for I dwell in the presence of the Most High and no matter the star power, the greatest Star of them all is my Father in Heaven who has promised to NEVER leave nor forsake me… Like Maya Angelou said, I RISE!


Here’s what she posted:

More Pictures of Regina Daniels Friend Nwabunike Anulika Frances;