Home Trending Asking your members to pay tithes is criminal – Prophet Odumeje (video)

Asking your members to pay tithes is criminal – Prophet Odumeje (video)

Prophet Odumeje, has become a sort of internet sensation in recent times as more people now have his name on their lips.

As a result, old videos of the preacher have emerged with people discussing his take on issues. In one of Prophet Odumeje’s unearthed videos, he was seen discussing the issue of tithing which has become a touchy subject for many Christians in this day and age.

According to Odumeje, a man of God asking his congregation to pay tithes is criminal.

In the video, the pastor who is also known as the Lion himself, the Liquid Metal and the Indaboski, was seen discussing with a fan in a plane.

Indaboski said that Jesus had told Peter to go to the riverside and that he would see a fish waiting there for him. The preacher then said that the fish gave Peter money.

He used the fish story to buttress his point about tithing.

According to Odumeje, if he is serving a true living God, He will give him money and it is not left for him to start asking his church members for tithes because it is criminal.

Odumeje said that he does not have time for collecting tithes but he only has time to prove God’s power to the world.


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