Atiku Abubakar reveals the difference between Nigeria & Naija


Atiku Abubakar yesterday replied ace Comedian I Go Dye’s call out post, in which the comedian alleged that he did nothing during his years as Vice President.

According to the comedian, Atiku was Nigeria’s Vice President between 1999 and 2007,and those years were plagued with tertiary institutions strikes that wasted seventeen months ,three weeks and three days.

In his open letter to comedian I Go Dye, Atiku Abubakar disclosed the difference between Nigeria and Naija.

He wrote:

‘I tell people my age that to understand young Nigerians, we need to understand the difference between Nigeria and Naija. Naija embodies the hopes and dreams of young Nigerians, the country they love and long to go home to when they are abroad. Naija is the country that brings them pride in music, film, comedy, fashion, and technology. It is the country of Wiz Kid, Asa, David O, Tuface, the Olympic bobsled team, Iwobi and Don Jazzy Again. Nigeria on the other hand, is the country of their parents, the country where leaders are constantly failing them, of Boko Haram, of herdsmen violence, of recessions and joblessness. Our young people need us to make our country live up to the aspirations of Naija by fixing the problems associated with Nigeria’


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