An Instagram user and a Nigerian designer  Segun Gele has accused Adesua Etomi’s designer Toju Foyeh of stealing the design for Adesua Etomi’s traditional wedding outfit.

Segun who said he doesn’t want to start a ‘mess’, wrote;

“OK so! Was this dress actually designed for #[email protected] or it was Copied 😱 Am not starting a mess o! It’s just my Observation as we see “I want you believe a party Guest” at #BAAD2017 wearing same design but the report from the designer reads different! SWIPE TO SEE FOR YA SEF!
#[email protected]
Fabric + sketch for @adesuaetomi Edo traditional outfit.

However Toju who replied wrote;

“LOL, Mr SegunGele, this was the inspiration for the look and as you can clearly see a modified version was sketched for her but had to result to it being a tube. As my caption states, It was made by me, not designed by me so before trying to get 5 seconds of UNMERITED fame, get your facts right and please for future reference purposes get my name off your page, an old man like you should be focusing on his craft and encouraging people! Don’t be an agbaya Sir.. enjoy the day!”

Well all said, i on my own part i dont see anyone causing any mess at all for these two, or what do you think?