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Banky’s wedding did not outshine mine, I don’t see any comparison’ – Oritsefemi insist

Oristefemi and BankyW’s much talked about wedding has come and gone but many fans still compare the two weddings in terms of class and taste.

Surprisingly, when Saturday Beats reached out to the self-acclaimed music Taliban, Oritsefemi, he said that there was no basis for comparison.

The Double Wahala singer added that his wedding trended on Twitter as such, no one could say that Banky W’s wedding outshined his.

He said,

“Initially, I did not notice that people were comparing my wedding with Banky W’s but later, after the whole ceremony, I noticed it. I did not even know that Banky was getting married on the same day that I did. But to be truthful, I knew that he had a ceremony about a week ago so I thought that was his wedding.

I have no issues with both of us getting married on the same day, if anything; it was more fun because like they say, the more the merrier. I was the one that got married and I am not even doing any form of comparison. All I wanted was to have a classy wedding and I got that at the end of the day.

“My wedding was well attended by highly respected people in the society. I don’t see any comparison because Banky even had his own in South Africa while mine was in Nigeria.

“Banky’s wedding did not outshine mine. Although I did not follow what was happening on the social media, I was told that my wedding trended on Twitter. I feel it was more fun for us that we got married on the same day and we were keeping people busy on the Internet. The Internet almost went crazy for both weddings. I don’t see any problem with it. Entertainers don’t see such as a competition but it is the fans that always start such comparison. All I know is that both weddings went well, they were classy and it would go down in history as one of the most talked about weddings of 2017. I congratulate Banky W on his wedding and wish him and his bride blessings,”

Though most people might disagree with me on this, I strongly believe Oritsefemi should be given more credit than your favourite man, Banky W.

I know Banky W and his wife, Adesua stole all the attention because of the class, but Oritsefemi gave a good account of himself as well. We were just too ‘blindfolded’ to see the things he did.

While Banky W went to South Africa to hold his white wedding, Oritsefemi didn’t abandon our beloved country. He understood that Nigeria was good enough for his wedding. He would have done the same since he has the money, but he felt most people won’t be able to witness his special day if he had taken it outside the country.

In a recent interview, when he was asked why he chose to do have his wedding in Nigeria, he said, “People who are very familiar with me know I am a man of the people.

Most of my fans and friends reside in Nigeria and I want them to be part of my special day.” Is that not nice? He had the interests of his people at heart and he made sure he didn’t disappoint them.

Despite the noise and the elaborate wedding Oritsefemi did, he must have spent a lesser money than Banky W. Though it was gathered that Banky W’s white wedding in South Africa was a sponsored one, there is no proof.

If one imagines how much they spent to put everything together, the money may be enough to pay workers of a state for a month or more.

Since he did his wedding in Nigeria, all that Oritsefemi used in putting things together were gathered here. In a way, he provided jobs for the pretty ushers, hardworking waiters, event planners and others that provided services at his wedding.

But I don’t think anyone in Nigeria benefited from Banky W’s wedding to Adesua in SA. When he thinks of the cost of taking service providers to South Africa, he would rather stick to hiring South Africans.

Also, remember that Orisefemi’s wedding was not different from a carnival. He was ready to feed everyone in Lagos. If you think it is easy to feed the number of people Oritsefemi fed, you may want to replicate his wedding.

How on earth did he convince an educated lady to marry a street boy who already had two children from two different women? That is amazing, as we all know that educated women prefer educated men.

Some Photos From Oritsefemi’s Wedding:

Some Photos From Banky’s wedding;


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