Home Entertainment News #BBNaija: Gedoni opens up about his escapades with Khafi, Media users react

#BBNaija: Gedoni opens up about his escapades with Khafi, Media users react

BBNaija’s Gedoni has recently shared some details about his time with Khafi in the other room.

Some BBNaija fans are getting furious over Gedoni’s latest comment on his escapades with Khafi.

In a clip which is now circulating the internet, Gedoni can be seen telling some of the other housemates that Khafi wants to be intimate with him every night.

Gedoni and Khafi caught the attention of many viewers of the show when they started playing love around the house. They became even more popular when they were captured having intercourse while other housemates were asleep.

It appears the two lovers have been getting busy every night and it looks like Gedoni is not enjoying it much. The housemate was seen stating that he deliberately takes kiwi sometimes because Khafi is allergic to it and it makes her stay away from him.

While Gedoni seems to have scored points with the boys, he seems to have angered some fans who think he is immature for discussing his affairs with other housemates and making it look like Khafi is the one who is after him.

Video Below:

Some fans are not happy about the comments of Gedoni and think he shouldn’t have made Khafi look less of a woman because she opened her legs for him.

Below are some of the reactions:


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