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#BBNaija: I like guys that like to form, I like to crave you but you are everywhere” – Nengi tells Prince (video)

BBNaija’s Nengi again has opened up about her true feelings to Prince.

As days go by, housemates who like each other are expressing their feelings while some have started dating already. Meanwhile, there are others who are just taking their time. Recently, Rebecca Hampson, popularly known as Nengi had a conversation with another housemate called Prince.

The beautiful fair lady opened up on her true feelings for the royalty.

Nengi told Prince she can’t be with him because he likes girls and she sees him almost everywhere with them in the house.

Last night, after a mini party in the garden, the two were spotted alone where Prince raised the conversation on why she is refusing to love him and playing hard to get. Nengi replied that she likes guys that like to form and dislikes guys who like girls.

Though she craves for him she seems him almost everywhere in the house with the girls. Prior to this conversation, she had already drunk about 3-4 bottles of beer when they had the party in the garden.


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