Home Entertainment News #BBNaija: Khafi’s alleged ex-boyfriend Joe teases her in the kitchen (video)

#BBNaija: Khafi’s alleged ex-boyfriend Joe teases her in the kitchen (video)

It has been strongly speculated that new housemate Joe is Khafi’s ex-boyfriend.

Ever since the arrival of new Pepper Dem housemate Joe Abdallah, a particular speculation about him being Khafi’s ex-boyfriend has spread across social media. Even more, Joe is giving many reasons to believe that this rumour is true.

For one, his interaction with Khafi has been very close and personal. Recently, he had a private conversation with the US police woman in the kitchen.

The duo literally flirted with themselves while giving hints about their past involvement.

Joe told Khafi that the reality show has changed her a lot. Khafi, on the other hand, asked him who he was going after, and in reply, Joe made it clear that he will go after her.

The video of them flirting with each other in the kitchen was shared on Joe’s Instagram page. In the caption that accompanied this clip, it was clearly stated that Joe is Khafi’s former boyfriend.

In fact, the tail end of the caption read thus:

“This Joe guy knows exactly what he should be doing in that house. For persons who don’t understand, Joe is a new real hm in the house. He’s also Khafi’s ex.”



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