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#BBNaija: Payporte reacts to Cee -C calling their outfit ‘nonsense’, Nigerians respond

Payporte, the official sponsor of the Big Brother Naija reality show, has reacted to Cee-C’s rant about the cloth given to her for her Saturday Night party.

Cee-C was caught on camera saying the cloth was ‘nonsense’.

In her words, she said ‘Me I am not wearing this nonsense ‘ and she went ahead to cut the dress into two with a scissors.

Here are the videos below:

Payporte, who in the post disclosed that they were very displeased with the act, further disclosed that they take their time to style all housemates with respect to the theme of every Saturday party.

Their post reads;

PayPorte is very dis-pleased by the comments made by @ceec_official about the outfit given to her. We take out time to style all housemates with respect to the theme of every Saturday party. We consider this a disrespect to our brand and consider this offensive.

Now Nigerians are reacting to what Cee-C did:

@ZeeNwanks tweeted;

I can’t believe this ceec girl, always not appreciative of wat they give to her. cutting of that cloth is out of it.

This girl is so ungrateful how can she just destroy the concept of this cloths.

@Linude123 tweeted;

@BBNaija And biggy summons madam Cee-C for cutting her dress I suppose. What effrontery, impudence, temerity, guts, rashness she’s got. Payporte isn’t stupid nau. To think I didn’t like the dress until she put it on.. stunning it was

@Talagram_ tweeted;

Why will Ceec ripp off her dress? Retweet if you feel she deserves a strike for that. Because it is a sponsored party, meaning we watch it, like the dress and buy it. Now I will not buy that dress if I see it anywhere because she’s made me feel it’s ugly.

@BBNaija8 tweeted;

Why is CeeC always eyeing Nina’s clothes. Hear her: It’s Nina’s own I really like.

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