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#BBNaija: Tacha hits Joe in new fight after being provoked by him (video)

Tacha and Joe had a heated argument which led to name calling and almost turned physical before other housemates intervened.

A Video of Tacha and Joe trying to get into a physical fight has surfaced on the internet. The altercation between Tacha and Joe has got concerned Nigerians talking and some think Joe did too much by intentionally getting on Tacha’s nerves.

The misunderstanding between the two housemates almost led to a physical fight until the other housemates intervened. The fight started when Joe used Tacha’s name to cite an example and Tacha complained and warned him not to ever use her name again for such examples.

Joe who felt he did not say anything bad kept on mentioning her name and this made Tacha angry as she kept on shouting ”You are stupid” repeatedly.

Joe whose mission was to provoke her the more moved to her sit and attempted to remove the duvet Tacha used to cover her self. Tacha tried to hit his hand and this made the housemates around intervene to stop them from getting violent.

Video below:


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