Home News “Be problem solvers” – VP Osinbajo challenges Nigerian youths

“Be problem solvers” – VP Osinbajo challenges Nigerian youths

Yemi Osinbajo, the vice President of Nigeria has come out to challenge Nigerian Youth in a recent virtual event where he was a guest speaker.

The VP said times are changing and with the new times the Youths are challenged to create services and products that will address the new world.

“No matter how you look at it, you are unique. The game changed in your generation, you are certainly a class of game-changers. The point with any opportunity is that it must be seized if you are to benefit from it, which is why you must never take your place in history for granted. There is always a di­vine reason for it.

Historically, he said circumstances have moved you ahead. No one has been here before. None of your parents or mine can tell you how life would be in or after a global pandemic.

We know some but not nearly all of the challenges and all of the opportunities that will come with it. And if you tell me that you would have to wait until you get into university and even graduate before you start to answer those questions then you are missing the opportunity that history is offering you.” Yemi Osinbajo added that when an opportunity to make history comes, it disguised as a challenge, stating that no age is too young to make impact.


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