Blessing Okoro mocks Nkechi Blessing over her fake mercedes Benz saga


Blogger Blessing Okoro who was recently involved in a controversy after she lied about being the owner of a gigantic house which was said to belong to a China-based businessman named Onye Eze has mocked Nkechi Blessing over the drama which ensued following the acquisition of her Mercedes Benz.

We had reported that actress Nkechi Blessing bought a new car and she shared the good news on social media only for her to pull down the post after she was called out by an auto dealer.

A family member of the car dealer called out the actress saying their attention was drawn to the photo of the car Nkechi claimed to be hers.

The person also accused Nkechi that:

“Just because you know my uncle is not on Instagram that’s why you did this forgetting Instagram is a small community. Although I learnt you begged already and taken down the picture but still it is wrong to mislead people”

Clearing the air, Nkechi Blessing explained that she almost bought the car but the dealer delivered something else.

Read her story below:

“Since these people want me to talk by force I will, I contacted @datboy_autos that I wanted a GLK and he sent me several pictures of diff types and I settled for one after plenty talk, After plenty talks we finally agreed on me swapping my Venza for one and adding money to the GLK**Of cus ain’t no one ready to maintain two cars…So we agreed on meeting today to swap cars and pay the balance. I got there and found out the car he sent was different from the one he sent me, and at this time, some of my friends and colleagues had posted the prev picture cus I posted it on my WhatsApp status…And I had posted the car even before getting to him**To cut the long story short*i did not find it funny and I smelt a Rat,But he told me not to be angry that it was his fault, I said Fine, I took my car and left, only for diff type of people who wants fame by force to start tagging me saying I FAKED Buying A car🤣🤣…Ya all can do better pls…I took down d car immediately I saw it was not the same car he sent to me, But C’Mon my own car is even way better than the Said Car**I work so hard to fake my lifestyle, so all this their threat so I can give dem free advert, Ko Le work👌…I don’t Post what I don’t OWN👌And I Remain UNSTOPPABLE.”

Reacting, Popular relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro who last month had herself all over the news for the wrong reasons she said Nkechi Blessing has taken her crown from her.


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