Bobrisky replies MC Galaxy, says the video he shared is fake


Bobrisky is still holding tight to the notion that Jacob “scammed” him of N60,000… and lied about his father’s sickness.

After the self-acclaimed queen Snapchat took to his account to write that he wishes he could become pregnant and have a baby.

He said;

“Wish i could get pregnant.. My baby is gonna be so cute. But so said that even if i f*ck from now till kingdom come i cannot get pregnant”

“I need a baby maybe my kids can be my bestie. Never trust no one only your blood”

See his posts below:

Nigerian male barbie really angry that he’s one and only true friend, Jacob the gateman could dump him finding out that MC Galaxy is behind the whole problems.

He shared screenshots of his private messages with Mc Galaxy concerning Jacob.

See them below :

He then dished this out in full saying;

“Morning guys…… I never wanted to address dis Jacob issue but I will say something now on it since dis stupid mc galaxy want cheap fame let me give it to him. Dis bastard called mc galaxy called me two years ago to dance to one of his music video. I drove there and after performing on his video dis useless idiot paid me 20k. I laughed so hard cos I regretted not negotiating with him before d video.

Few weeks later dis bastard called me again… that I should always promote all his music for him on Snapchat since have got many followers on snap and we both agreed 150k on every song. I was pushing dis foolish and destroy career song back to back with honest heart in which some of u can witness to it on my snap.

That was how I got to meet or know dis thing. Straight to d point. Mc galaxy will promise me 150k for a song den later pay 100k to my account.i used to imagine d way dis boy use to cal millions on his page to give followers but at d end with d day dis idiot don’t give them nothing…. so I believe he wanted to use me so I acted smart.

He called last two weeks that he want to drop a song for me and Jacob that should he go ahead ? I said if he want to. but he should know I won’t be able to promote d song now because I have other people job to promote. Then he said let him go and record d song first.

After dis idiot drop d song. He message me that d song is not going viral d way he wanted it that he will pay me for one month promo to push d song for him… I laugh 😂 and ask him how much is dis idiot paying he said he is paying same 150k and he will pay two times. Pls guys dis dude is so fake trust me he lied so much and he pretend to be ur friend… but trust me he is a snake 🐍.

Continuation of my story… after dis idiot said he was paying 150k I said okay. Den he credited my account with 100k first. And he said he will pay d balance later. Okay I danced to d song with Jacob and posted it on my page. As usual as we all know his way always paying for add on all d blogs idiot. Have told him to go to his village to sell Camry spare part cos his songs are dead. Idiot davido drop banana follow me my brother also drop his dead song plantain fool. Wait 4 more…

Then mc galaxy called me last week again that he want me to release Jacob to come to his house 🏡 that he is about shooting d viral video of Jacob dance 💃. Good I asked him how much is d idiot paying Jacob he said he will give him 5k for thanks for coming…. and i got angry and asked him y do u live fake life mc galaxy u used somebody name to sing and u still want him on ur video and yet u wanna pay d poor boy I asked him to give him 50k else I won’t allow d boy go. A day before d video he called me at night and asked me to allow he come that I should dress him up well.

D following day I have Jacurb money to cut his hair wear shoe and a new shirt and also asked my bodyguard to follow him to mc galaxy house. After d video mc galaxy gave d poor boy 38,000. I was so mad that y didn’t u count d money before collecting it from him.

He said he told him d Money was compete. So I called mc galaxy and he told me it was 40k he gave him. Okay I move on I gave Jacob 15000 from d money to keep in his account. And d remaining balance I added more money to it and so my personal shopper to buy is food in d house. So that night on my CCTV camera I saw Jacob on a long cal at d bq I watch him cal for almost 1 hour and I called him who he was talking to.

He said he father was sick 😷 that he need to go him fear enough I asked him wen he was going to his village he said in two days time but he will bring his friend to stay with me till he arrived back. I gave him 60k and also gave my driver 15k to go and buy him ticket at God is good motor park.

He tricked my driver and said d bus don’t sell ticket until his ready to go. So we gave him all d money. On Monday I traveled I wasn’t around so before leaving d house I asked him not to go with d iPhone 6 I bought for him that he should keep it wen he comes back he will continue using it.

I don’t want him to misplace d phone. Jacob left my house on Monday night so on Wednesday mc galaxy was calling on his Song promo but I was driving I couldn’t pick. So d following day he said he saw Jacob on d road crying and he asked him not to talk to nobody that he gave him money. And my respond was a bit drastic I told him he is evil pure evil.

U call urself my friend and u said U saw Jacob on d street crying wat are u suppose to do…. u are meant to cal me or drive him to my house. So he kept him in his house because dis idiots want attention badly….. your music career is zero so go and sit down.

I see y davido team sometime beat up his ass dirty . But u know wat u have mess with d wrong person cos I did u good by always pushing ur dirty career for u. And u claim u are a big boy common 150k for promo u can’t pay once. Do u know how much I charge other people for promo see dis bastard because u are close pal I don’t usually charge d bastard.

Even in USA I promoted ur artist song for one month without paying me not until after two month before u pay me. Yet u go dey call million for ur page fool. I never wanted to address dis issue but dis bastard was calling me to threaten me that by tommorrow he will cast me that I have been collecting money for promo but I don’t do it. Idiot I promote people song depending on who paid first.

U can’t expect me to promote someone song who paid since and promote d one that just paid. I will promote everybody song according to how u pay to me. I will show u guys his threat messages.”

Jacob who complained about the health of his father was paid a visit by Mc Galaxy yesterday, MC Galaxy got to the root of the whole situation, after he visited Jacob and his father in Jos, just so he can confirm if indeed Jacob lied about his father’s health or not.. Yes, It’s true, and Jacob’s father is indeed suffering from an illness, that might get his leg amputated.

Galaxy yesterday shared the video of the visit to Jos, while talking about the brouhaha between him, Bobrisky and Jacob..

Galaxy in the video also showed the viewers the “leg” of Jacob’s father, which may get amputation soon.. Apparently, Jacob wasn’t even lying.

Galaxy also in the video promised to pay Jacob the whole 6-months salary Bobrisky is owing him, which sums up to N25,000 x 6 = N150,000… He also gave Jacob the sum of N300,000 for his Father’s treatment.

Watch the videos below;

Now, in response to the whole issue, Bobrisky has said he still doesn’t believe Jacob’s father is ill.. Perhaps, he’s thinking it’s all the work of makeup and photoshop or something..

Bobrisky argues that if Jacob’s father is really ill, why then did Galaxy buy him a bottle of star? Lol

Below is what Bobrisky wrote;



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