A young Nigerian writer who goes by the name Johnny Jam Jam took to his Instagram page to write a piece on how he feels Bobrisky stands a chance of becoming Nigeria’s president.

Even though that is never going to be a reality, Lol! yes, you can officially imagine Bobrisky as the president of Nigeria and read this interesting argument for his presidency.

He shared a photo of Bob and wrote;

“In 1933, Chancellor Adolf Hitler approached President Paul Von Hiddenburg seeking support in creating the Enabling Act – which later & ultimately became Hitler’s magic wand to dictatorial power.

Hiddenburg asked Hitler how he’d answer to God if he grant him support. Hitler responded, “LET THE GERMAN PEOPLE ANSWER TO GOD WHY THEY VOTED ME AS CHANCELLOR”.

Similarly, having followed the rise of US President, Donald Trump, it was the same media (who ironically, he has turned against today) who created a citadel of nuisance for him. They knew his claims were false, they knew he was a menace, they granted him airwaves & in return he granted them viewership counts. Today, he is President and they (the media) are fake!

In Robert Greene’s 48 laws of Power, Law 6, he emphasized on the importance of “attention” and how “notoriety of any sort will bring you power”. If you disagree with Greene, just check your history books, tons of people have used notoriety & infamy to get to power, thanks to grossly uneducated people who hop into their bus of gullibility. .

If socio-political News such as terrorism, corruption, killings, poor infrastructure, political injustice, kidnapping & ritual killings, unemployment, to name a few do not capture the mind of Nigerian youths except that of Bob, then do not blame incoming generation if they see him as a metor, a hero. Afterall, every generation will speak for themselves and frankly, the generations before us failed, this present one has failed (woefully) and the incoming ones are without hope and should not bear the burden of the problem you created. .

Those who think he can’t be elected into elected a Governor or President should check around them & see the “Omg I like him”, “Who are you to judge”, “He’s so creative”, “He makes me laugh”, “Let him live his life” tunes; the list of his unintentional & subconscious fans grow daily, and if you think he won’t get support, please think again!. .

P.S. Bob or Risky, Rochas, Fayose or Melaiye, PDP or APC..as election season approaches, DO NOT VOTE JOKERS TO POWER! #MISTAKESINCE1960 #’BOBS’INPOWERANYWAY”