Boyfriend surprises girlfriend on her birthday with iPhone 13 and Bone Straight wigs (videos)

A young Nigerian couple has sparked quite a reaction over the other celebrating his other half’s birthday in a lavish setting.

The young Nigerian man sparked reactions after giving his girlfriend an expensive iPhone 13 and bone straight hair, amongst other things in celebration of her birthday.

He gifted her a money bouquet, a teddy bear, an iPhone 13, and different bone straight wigs which were presented in the presence of friends.

Young boy surprises girlfriend with iPhone 13, bone straight wigs on her birthday (Video) - 1

A video that surfaced online shows the moment he led her to the car park, where he presented the gifts in the boot of his car.Young boy surprises girlfriend with iPhone 13, bone straight wigs on her birthday (Video) - 2

She was taken aback by the countless goodies which she took snapshots of and took time to admire them one by one.

Watch the video below:

In similar developments, a young girl on TikTok known as humancentipeachh described how she shared some sensitive information with her bestfriend only for her to utilize it and attempt to steal her partner.

She said that she intended to purchase some things for her boyfriend’s birthday and that she planned to display the goods to her bestie.

The bestfriend, on the other hand, went behind her back and purchased everything on the list, which she then hastened to deliver to her friend’s boyfriend as birthday presents before the girlfriend had a chance to do the same.

While the girlfriend was perplexed as to why her buddy did this, she surprise expressed gratitude for assisting her in saving money.

”When I showed my bestfriend the list of gifts I planned on getting my man for his birthday and she bought all of the items and gifted it to him before me. I got to save my money so thanks I guess”, she wrote.

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