Bride’s four brothers act as bridesmaids at her bridal shower (Video)

A bride-to-be has caused a stir on social media after she made her four brothers her bridesmaids.

The soon-to-be-married woman’s siblings, who are all men, decided to show up as her bridesmaids at her bridal shower, with a video of the occasion going viral on social media.

Four brothers serve as only sister's bridesmaids at her bridal shower (Video) - brothers bridemaids

The siblings, who wore matching pajamas, were seen posing for pictures with their sister, who wore a see-through silk dress and a princess crown.

Her female friends were also present at the event, but the brothers stole the show.

In the video, the brothers could be seen taking a protective stance beside their sister and helping to ensure that she looked elegant and beautiful.

They were also seen having a good time, dancing and posing for photos with their sister.

Watch the video below;

@yikemii commented; My brothers can never, Eldest of 3 brothers, maybe she’s the last born because my brothers would rather fry stone

@StepheniaOmeh; Her husband must not misbehave or put his hands on her or else,

@symplyDAPO; Omo if the husband mistakenly do anyhow, na beating reloaded go happen

@miss_apaago; I also have four brothers but they would rather count sand than to do this

@vibezghod; They forgot wig and makeup. So unprofessional

@OTDEEone; All of the brothers de behave like sisters and the sister de behave like the brother


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