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‘Buying laptop to earn a living shouldn’t attract harassment’ – Atiku joins #EndSARS campaign alongside Simi, Olamide and others

Nigerians have found a common course in voicing out against the societal threats and danger posed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The topic is currently trending on social media under the hashtag #EndSARS and the general consensus seems to be that the group causes more harm than good to Nigerians, especially the youths. This has caused people to call for the group to be scrapped.

Now former Nigerian vice president, Atiku Abubakar has joined the trending #EndSARS campaign on Twitter, alongside million of angry Nigerian youths!

According to him, the arbitrary harassment of young Nigerians by Police (who should be protecting them) has no place in a democratic society, he added that buying a laptop to earn a living shouldn’t attract harassment.

After the former Vice -president of the nation, Atiku Abubakar  had aired his opinion on the matter, several music stars are coming out to do the same.

The likes of Olamide, Vector, Simi, TJan, Baseone and co,have lent their voices to the course for the establishment of the supposed anti-robbery group called SARS.

Read their tweets below;





Base One




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