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Calabar girls not only good in bed, kitchen – Inem Peter reveals

Nigerian Actress, Inem Peter has revealed that Calabar girls are not only good in bed and kitchen alone, but have other positive aspects of life.

The Producer who recently released her new movie, “Colours of Deceit” indicated her disappointment at how men see her whenever she introduces herself.

“It is very annoying. Each time I say I am a Calabar girl, most men wants me to cook for them or be their personal porn star. The Calabar girl thing is something I am tired of hearing. I want everybody to know that I am tired of hearing that a Calabar girl is only good in bed and kitchen.

“When you tell someone where you are from and the only thing they think about is sex and kitchen. Even when I try to be like ‘No I’m from Akwa-Ibom’, they would say, ‘don’t bother they are the same’.
All I know is that, aside the fact we are loving, hardworking and intelligent, Calabar or Akwa-Ibom girls are specially created. They are blessed, they take good care of their man more than any other tribe,” Inem Peter told The Sun.

Speaking on her men’s deceit inspired her new movie, the curvy actress says; “The happenings in the entertainment industry inspired me to make the movie Colours of Deceit. It is an original and different story. I have also experienced deceit but it’s not something I want to talk more about as it has to do with my past relationship. Trust me ‘Men are very deceitful’. The movie is star studded.

“It wasn’t easy at all but God got me. He gave me the perfect cast and crew. I even had an accident while making this movie but I didn’t stop everyone encouraged and supported me. We pulled through and everything came out 101%.”


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