“Calling your husband ‘baby’ is unscriptural, this is what you should call him” – Apostle warns (Video)

A supposed Apostle has caused quite a stir after warning married women not to call their husbands ‘baby’ and ‘honey’.

The popular Man of God, known as Apostle Emmanuel, in a viral video, advised married women against calling their husbands endearing names like “baby” and “honey” as it is not scriptural.

"Calling your husband ‘baby’ is unscriptural, this is what you should call him” – Apostle Emmanuel warns (Video)

According to him, a woman should refer to her husband as “my lord,” and to corroborate his claim, he made reference to Abraham’s wife, Sarah, in the bible.

According to him, unlike calling a man “baby,” calling him “Lord” gives him a sense of responsibility.

Apostle Emmanuel claimed that when a woman calls her husband “baby,” he begins to behave like one and starts avoiding his marital responsibility as the head of the house.

“We live in a generation where I hear women call their husbands or their boyfriends, baby, honey, punking my love my heart beats all those things are not scriptural, they are demonic. Let me tell you something When you call your husband, baby. He behaves like a baby.

He doesn’t take responsibility because your prophecy is from your mouth. But when you call your husband or your man, Lord, Lord means responsibility. it means, you know I take responsibility of this environment I provide. The woman needs to be cared for.

All these baby honey, sweetheart, Those are the demonic words that make a lot of men to misbehave. I advise every woman Call your man, my lord, as the Scripture says and see.” He told women.

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