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“Can Burna Boy do a Caesarean section?” – Doctor slams Burna boy fan who attempted to shame her

A Doctor has slammed a Burna Boy fan who attempted shaming her after she made a comment on him having self esteem issues.

The doctor, Ugwunna Ejikem had earlier called out Burna Boy for having serious self esteem issues even though she loves his music.

She wrote on her social media page;

I love Burna Boy’s music but that dude has serious self esteem issues. Person celebrate streams, e trigger you. Person announce album same month, you get triggered. Person papa get money, e dey pepper you. FFS You are an African Giant, stop behaving like an Alapere house rat.

Another social media user, Jokegoldden who is a Burna Boy fan didn’t find the post funny and warned the doctor. She wrote;

You are disrespectful don’t speak to @burnaboy that way, you can’t even sing

The doctor who was not ready to back down replied,

Lmao can Burna Boy do a Caesarean section???? I can.


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