Chacha Eke speaks out after temporary social media break over emotional meltdown

Popular Nigerian actress, Chacha Eke Faani has spoken concerning an emotional outbreak after days of social media absence.

The Nollywood actress, Chacha took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, February 28, explaining how she had to take a break from social media to reflect on the situation in the country.

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According to her, the reports she was getting on the election gave her an adrenaline rush and an emotional meltdown, so she decided to take some time off social media for her mental health.

“In the past days I have logged off and on social media, reading updates. Some reports gave me adrenaline rush, some gave me emotional meltdown. I say to my soul “Peace Be Still. As a mental therapy, I CHOOSE to focus on this frame that will eventually be hung on walls all around the world. PETER OBI is THE IMAGE. He Represents HOPE. Hope is GOOD.️ Comment positively if this is “YOUR FOCUS” She wrote.


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