A Nigerian Lady @Mz_Tosyn took to her twitter handle to share photos of some souvenirs given out at a Yoruba wedding.

You know how most people are always going extra when it comes to weddings in Nigeria? Well, this wedding was extra extra after it served its guests camp gas, travel bags as souvenirs.

She tweeted;

“Yoruba can use anything as souvenirs , camp has as souvenir”

She also added that they served livestock in the same wedding.

See some reactions below….

@ferdinandboyce Their own is even good. Igbo people own tire me. You will see someone using sweet and biscuits as souvenir

Dr • Dharmie Just tryna imagine how high the AsoEbi would cost.. Imported lace….. Family to pick wife from

@Kleanboy15 Simply means “Yorubas” are cheerful Giver….Men and Women,we give anything Giveable

@sinzle99 lol… These are the kinda parties I like to attend. Have had enough of all those face towel souvenir party 😁

@Somidotun7 the souvenir must have a fair relativity and proportionality with the cost of the aso ebi, my mom once came home with a TV

@ayooluwah Yorubas don’t play with owanbe, Aso ebi and souvenir….. I give us that one 💪🏽