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Close pals buy their friend a car because they are tired of picking him up (video)

Recently, a group of friends proved this assertion right by surprising their close pal with a car. According to them, they were tired of picking him up regularly so they needed him to have his own whip.

The men took their friend to a beautiful parking space and showed him a brand, new car which was classy and chic. They told him that it was his whip.

The man laughed it off, thinking they were playing a fast one on him. He went outside with a bottle of wine, hoping to open it and chill. But they repeated the statement and told him yet again that they had bought a new whip for him. It was then that he knew that they were not pulling his legs.

Emotionally, the blessed man walked stealthily right up to his new car, opened it with a disbelieving look and sat on it.

Apparently, he could not believe that his squad had bought a brand new car for him. In surprise, he put his head in his hands and just broke down.

The friends, on the other hand, teased him playfully and told him that he would have to sponsor their breakfast for a week.

See the video below:


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