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Comedian AY spills more on 17-year-old beef with Basketmouth (video)

Nigerian comedian AY Makun is currently trending on social media following a tell-all interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, where he opened up on his 17-year-old beef with Basketmouth.

In a portion of the interview posted by Jideonwo, AY shared more about the longstanding beef that has left them as sworn enemies over the years.

AY claimed that after the 2006 incident, he attempted to attend Basketmouth’s wedding but wasn’t allowed into the venue.

According to AY, when they arrived, his wife’s name was on the guest list but his own was noticeably missing.

“I was looking at my wife, my wife dey look her husband and she was like okay, let’s be going home since you no qualify to enter,” the comedian shared.

The comic star mentioned that a lot has happened over the years that people are unaware of. He alleged there were times that Basketmouth would often refuse to introduce him at events where they were both billed to perform.

“Basket will be at an event, maybe AY is on the Bill, he won’t introduce me if he’s the MC. I will just go and pick my mic on the floor and go and do my thing. It was that bad,” he said.

AY also recounted an incident that happened at a time when things had significantly picked up for both of them career-wise and family-wise. He claimed to have spotted Basktmouth at a club and approached him for a chat.

“And my dear colleague looked at me eye ball to eye ball and said: ‘I’m a beast, I don’t forgive.”

Watch him speak below:

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