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Comedian Bovi apologizes to Daddy Freeze over his comments in defending Akpororo

Nigerian comedian, actor, and writer from Delta State Comedian Bovi has admitted he is wrong, after he bashed Daddy Freeze over the tithing-saga with Akpororo.

Last night, Bovi reacted to the clash between comedian Akpororo and Daddy Freeze over tithing.

Bovi had earlier written;

“I pray to die before my time rather than abuse a mans family, especially his wife just because I’m jealous.”

“Akpororo is better than Freeze in everything. But Freeze is better than Akpororo when it comes to stupidity. Fools are born. They have no boundaries”.

“Dear human beings, before you think it is sleek to do it, understand that even in warfare, women and children are off limits”.

“You can abuse a man all day long, but don’t touch his wife. Or anything close to her. Don’t go there”.

“Lastly before I’m misunderstood, I’m not defending wether it’s ok to sow (not pay) your tithes or not. I’m just standing up for a man who’s job is to make people laugh with and without facts. Especially when he didn’t cross the line”.

Bovi in his apology said,

“Freeze reached out to people who are mutual friends and they made me understand that I totally got it wrong. I thought he used the word paedophilia. He actually used the word paedolalia. Until this day, I had never come across the word. I responded in haste. I AM SORRY FREEZE!”

“Like I said in one of my now deleted tweets, my response had nothing to do with Freezes gospel.honestly never been interested. I wrongly thought he attacked Akpororo in a sensitive way and by extension, the borderless license of comedians.i was defendin like Ali always did 4 us.”

“Thanks @nevadabridgetv and Robert Peters. Yo Freeze! I’m sorry again. In this case, you weren’t an asshole. You fooled me. You win.”

See his tweets below:

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