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Community Vigilantes force suspected Yahoo Plus boy to eat ‘bowl of sacrifice’ he was caught with (video)

A man suspected to be involved in ritual practices, commonly known as Yahoo Plus, was apprehended by members of a community vigilante group.

The suspect was caught while he was parading the area at night with a bowl containing sacrifice. The vigilante men forced him to eat its content, as seen in a video that surfaced online.

In the video, the suspect was on his knees, begging while the vigilante men were ordering him to consume the fetish substance in the bowl.

He reluctantly ate the content while still pleading with them to be lenient, as it appeared they wanted to beat him as well.


Watch the video below:



However, social media users criticized the actions of the vigilante group, stating that it was wrong to force the suspect to consume the substance.

Some questioned whether he had actually committed a crime, while others suggested that the group should have handed him over to the authorities instead of taking the law into their own hands.

See some of the reactions below;

itzfash_; But wait oo, is it a crime to serve a certain god in Nigeria? I don’t understand the crime he committed?

fawazskibii; Make una vigilantee come try and for ijebu una blood go dry when be say no be body part dey Inside the bowl of the sacrifice it might not be yahoo oo and una dey do rubbish every single thing like this na yahoo make them transfer those vigilante to ijebu abegi

hajji_idris; Omo why is that they label everybody as yahoo boy, to carry sacrifice now don turn war again, na the guy na mumu now. U go tell me where e de for constitution say I no fit do any kind of religion wey I want

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