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Controversial Nigerian music star Charly Boy releases list of 2018 prophecies

Controversial Nigerian music star Charly Boy has taken to his Instagram handle to share a list of 2018 prophecies.

Known as Area Fada, Charly Boy’s prophecy came at the time Nigerian pastors are revealing their prophecies for the new year. In his message, he predicted that men are God are planning to stop collecting tithes. He further added that a lot of people will suffer in 2018 and Boko Haram will take down their arms and organise a peace concert.

See list of his prophecies below:

1. I see Boko Haram laying down their arms and organising a peace concert.

2. I see Nigerian pastors they are planning to stop collecting tithes they are building schools for their poor congregation

3. I see Nigerian police stop collecting bribe and brutalising the poor, hooray to them.

4. Dead people will remain in the land of the dead they will no longer be made ministers.

5. Old people shall pass away for the young to grow.

6. This 2018 will be what we make of it, even if we swim or sink no messiah is coming to rescue us, make we all agree say our mumu don reach final bus stop.

Also, General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has revealed his prophecy for 2018.

Adeboye while speaking at the crossover service at the Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Monday morning, Adeboye prophesied that before the end of 2018, there would be rays of hope that all would still be well.

The man of God also prophesied that significant Goliath would fall this year and that erstwhile stubborn mountains would move before the children of God.

On the international scene, Adeboye said there would be less fire outbreaks, but more floods globally.

He also prophesied that there would be misunderstandings among nations of the world, but said there would be no war, while calling for prayers against assassination attempts globally.

On the individual level, the man of God said “many people will wake up to realize that their future is not in the hands of any government, a lot of lost grounds will be reclaimed. Saboteurs will be disgraced and dismissed.”

However, during his sermon, Adeboye said this year would “be your best so far in Jesus Name, Amen. In the Name that is above every other name, you will be world shakers.

“The Devil knows it that you are more than a conqueror. One of the biggest problems of children of God is that the Devil believes God more than them.


1. Erstwhile stubborn mountains will move.
2. Many people will wake up to realise that their future is not in the hand of any government and as a result a lot of lost ground will be reclaimed.
3. Sabotteurs will be disgraced and displaced.


1. Significant goliaths will fall.
2. Before the end of the year, there will be rays of hope that all will still be well.


1. This year there will be less fire outbreaks butthere will be more floods.
2. There will be misunderstandings amongs nation but no major wars.
3. Pray against assasination attempts globally.
4. There will record breaking temperatures both high and low.
5. There will be a handful of breakthroughs both scientific and medical.
6. The count down to the end has started.PASTOR E.A ADEBOYE’S Prophecy 2018 Prophecies


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