Coronavirus: China has shared treatment procedure with Nigeria – Minister of health, Ehanire Osagie

Minister of Health, Ehanire Osagie has disclosed that they have received the treatment procedure for coronavirus (Covid-19) from China.

Osagie made the announcement on Friday February 28, while also revealing that China did that out of its good gesture and relationship with Nigeria. The Minister also disclosed that the Asian country has successfully treated over 4,000 cases of the deadly disease.

He said;

“China knows more about the disease and they have made some successful treatments.

“We have received a lot of cooperation from the ambassador of China who had come to visit twice to reassure us of his commitment and to give us the support in anyway.

“They have sent us a treatment protocol because they have succeeded in treating over four or five thousand people in their country and we have sent the protocol to our centres here to study and add what they already know. They have shared the treatment procedures with Nigeria and this will assist in the treatment of confirmed cases.”

Ehanire averred that they will keep watching out for new information and results from ongoing researches on the virus and updating when necessary.

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