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COVID-19: BBNaija star Mike shares lessons he has learnt from pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is an issue plaguing many countries in the world and what many have described to be a tragedy has also proven to be a teachable moment.

The pandemic started in Wuhan, China, and spread to almost all the continents in the world. Some states did not take precaution early enough and they are now sorry for it as their health system threatens to be crippled by the amount of patients being brought it.

However, people have noticed that despite this pandemic, those who had jobs that were formerly considered unworthy are now the ones taking centre stage.

BBNaija star, Mike Edwards, also seems to have noticed this and he has taken to his Instagram page to share some of the lessons people have learned from COVID-19.

Mike wrote:

“I hope #Covid19 will teach us to stop judging people based on their job titles or earnings. Nurses, store workers, delivery drivers, postal servers, trash collectors, sanitation workers, etc, they are the ones taking us through this crisis, making sure we have the essentials to survive on and even risking their health. A minimum paying job is not indicative of a person’s intelligence, work ethic, or character. Honest work is honest work. Never look down on anyone for the job they have.”

See his post below:

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