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COVID-19: People are wicked – Kaffy says as she complains about hike in prices of foodstuff (video)

Kafayat Shafau-Ameh has taken to social media to call out market traders.

The dance queen in a recent post, slammed traders using the coronavirus pandemic to inflate price of food items in the market.

Kaffy expressed her outraged as she shared a video of items contributed for the less privileged as Nigeria continues to battle with the deadly virus.

In a recent video which she shared to her Instagram page, the dance queen revealed some of the items donated by some church members and herself as well.

She then goes on to complain about the price of ginger which she claims went up 5 times the normal price.

Speaking to the camera, a very emotional Kaffy accused Nigerians of being their own problem, stated that they are worst than the government because even the government is doing all that they can to help the country.

She said:

“You people already make enough profit on the goods. This is not just an economic let-me-make profit situation, this is a ‘we all can die’. When you save all the money, I want you to chop it in heaven because you will die with it. God is willing to help us when we help one another.

We are the ones in this country causing problems for ourselves. The profit you’re adding more is actually making someone else die because they can’t afford to buy food items. You’re worst than the government.”

Watch video below:


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