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Curvy lady who became a stripper just to pay her school fees finally graduates from school (Photos)

A pretty twitter user identified as Tyra (@HayleyMfPetals) has taken to the platform to celebrate her achievements with some photos after hustling as a stripper to sponsor herself through school.

The curvy lady who was full of smiles showed how happy she was after all the stress she went through to make it to that point (a graduate) in her life.

She shared some photos of her self on her stripper uniform and some photos of herself at her graduation, she dropped a comment saying;

“Them long nights of hustling paid off! Now GSU run me my diploma ✨#GSU18#TheSTATEWAY”

Well this is not what one would have expected from a stripper, some twitter users were so astonished after getting to know what she did to make money to sponsor herself through school.

A twitter user had to ask her some questions wanting to know if she would still dance now she is done with her studies;

“You still gone dance 👀”

She replied saying;

“It’s served its purpose 🤷🏾‍♀️. I’m starting to look into grad programs and post graduate internships now. Dancing helped me so much… but this was never a career… it was a job.”

See posts below and photos she shared;


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