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Cynthia Morgan VS Jude Okoye: Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke slams artistes & their fans

Davido’s brother and Chairman of HKN Music Group. Adewale Adeleke who also reacted to Cynthia Morgan’s disclosure.

He stated that fans are so quick to blame labels or managers for ruining careers of artistes even when they (artistes) sometimes bring their own downfall.

He added that when artistes make it, they claim it is by their own doing.

He tweeted;

Fans be so quick to blame labels or managers for ruining artist careers but when the artist make it, its by their own doing…..doesn’t add up!!!!

Think about it when artist are successful nobody credits the label, or Managers for money or time spent pushing the artist it’s the artist, But let an artist be relevant & go down its the label. The label is greedy the label took all my royalties they left me for dead….

I’m not saying some labels can take artist for a ride and give out horrible contracts. Everyone should remember these artist signed contracts willingly, but some times its the artist themselves that bring their own downfall, no one else!

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