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Dabota Lawson celebrates her business’ five years growth, says it was her only possession after divorce

Beauty entrepreneur, Dabota Lawson is reminiscing on the events that happened in her life after she divorced her billionaire ex-husband, Sunny Aku.

The young mother took to her social media page to recall the past moments and shared them with her fans and followers in a bid to encourage them.

Celebrating the growth of her business, Lawson said that it was the only thing she had to her name when she left her partner.

According to her, it was a small business. She recalled the position of the business then, noting that she was just managing under the staircase of a mall and many people who knew her as the ex-wife of a billionaire used to mock her.

According to her, they would tell her that she had nothing to show for marrying a billionaire. She noted that the period was a humbling one for her but she kept on pushing.

Acknowledging the milestone her business has attained on her Instagram page, she said that her business is now 5 years old.

The beautician said that she has experienced growth, but, she does not want to go into details of who she is today so as not to get carried away or look like a boastful person.

She urged her fans and followers to keep pushing, noting that no matter how tough it gets, it can get better.

Lawson also expressed gratitude to people who stood by her during her downtime, noting that she loves them.


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