A Lady is currently trending on Facebook for her appreciation to her parents for that night they conceived her.

Identified on Facebook as, Anita Rama, she says she’s grateful to her father for making his privates hard enough that he was able to burst inside his wife, her mom.

She also thanked her mother for allowing her husband do wonders to her.

She wrote on Facebook; “Dad thanks for making dat D**k hard dat made u Cum inside mum nd mum thanks for allowing dad’s soft touch dat night dat made u allow him cum inside u ….Kumbe dat milky sort of fliud (spm) was me….love u mum nd dad for dat nice game u played. We should thank both parties not only mums who pushed but dad’s too who changed their faces while Cumming …. And for my swit friends thanks for the birthday wishes wow …I now know pipo who love me cause i read each nd everyone’s post ..thanks ma swithrts HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME”

She was of course called out over the post she made, as many tagged it as inappropraite, and asked for her to delete the post.

She replied them of course, and said it’s her Facebook wall, and she’s free to post whatever on her wall;

“Am free to post whatever nosense I want on fb and on my WALL because I blocked all my relatives apart from my one cousin sis kuba ye antegera .Brothers cousins uncles aunties,bona naba blockinga I have to post my nosense in peace ….my point here is I fear no one apart from the relatives I blocked if my posts offend u block me silly. If u want important posts go to museveni or besigyes wall…..I remain SEGUYA ANITA”