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Daddy Freeze celebrates Comedian Bovi after he apologized to him

Comedian Bovi recently tendered an unreserved apology to Daddy Freeze after he realized he had misunderstood Freeze’s comment to Akpororo.

Bovi in the apology wrote;

“Freeze reached out to people who are mutual friends and they made me understand that I totally got it wrong. I thought he used the word paedophilia. He actually used the word paedolalia. Until this day, I had never come across the word. I responded in haste. I AM SORRY FREEZE!”

“Like I said in one of my now deleted tweets, my response had nothing to do with Freezes gospel.honestly never been interested. I wrongly thought he attacked Akpororo in a sensitive way and by extension, the borderless license of comedians.i was defendin like Ali always did 4 us.”

“Thanks @nevadabridgetv and Robert Peters. Yo Freeze! I’m sorry again. In this case, you weren’t an asshole. You fooled me. You win.”

Bovi’s public apology has earned him the respect of many people including Daddy Freeze who wrote,

‘good morning everyone. I want to celebrate Bovi today. What he did was immensely noble. To make a mistake is human, to realize the mistake and now make a public apology is divine’.

He added that, ‘If he had called me one on one and apologized I would have had to forgive him, but the damage in the media would have lingered. By putting out a public statement, risking his reputation at it, he fixed it and I appreciate it. I learnt something from Bovi. If you make a mistake, sometimes an apology is not enough, you have to fix it’.

See his post below:


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