Dancer Korra Obidi addresses those reporting her to the Child Protection Services to make her lose her kids


Dancer Korra Obidi has rained curses on those who she claims are reporting her to child protection services and trying to make her look like a ‘bad mum’.

The mother of two took to Facebook on Thursday to address those questioning her ability to look after her kids following her messy break up with her estranged husband Justin Dean.

“Some of you people have been reporting me to child protective services and making me look like a bad mum. For some reason, I don’t know why you’re doing that but the more you do it the more you’re gonna lose in Jesus name. Everything that you’ve done towards me will be done to you 10x in Jesus name.

“You will lose your kids. I don’t know what I’m doing for you to think it’s okay to call child protective services against me and ow you’re saying I’m gonna lose my kids.

“You will be stripped of everything you love and that is on the God that I serve. You can do your worse, you will never take my kids from me. I am a responsible human being, I am a wife, well I’m no longer a wife. I am a mother, I am a responsible mother. Whatever you wish me you will get in one thousand folds,” she cursed.

Korra and her estranged husband Justin Dean made headlines in March after the latter announced they are getting a divorce.

Video below:

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