Dear Banky and Adesua, please, I don’t want to hear pim.

Marriage is the coming together of two naked wires that are expected by the society not to spark. Its either they learn how to regulate the surging currents or they learn how to entertain the public with fire works!

We have seen enough fireworks in Nigeria to last us a life time. We have also seen beautiful regulations of currents. We have seen it all.

From the day you (Banky) said “will you”, many of us nodded as though the question was for us. Susu said yes and that was it.

Let me tell you why your marriage seems personal to me and many others.

I have watched Adesua grow. From Knocking on heavens door to wedding party one. She has an air of likeability hovering over her. Arguably, she is the least hated actress in the industry.

I know that millions of Nigerians feel this way about her too. I think that is why your wedding was a bomb.

More importantly, I want your marriage to be a greater bomb. Because, I will not take it lightly with the two of you. I don’t want to hear that one thing happened and another thing happened that led to something else to happen.

I don’t want!

I will not agree.

I am taking this personal because I believe in your love and decision to walk down the isle of life with yourselves.

This is one of the celebrity marriages I’m keen to see work out really well. Maybe because I love beautiful people. Maybe because Banky gave us Wizkid. Maybe because your love is infectious. Maybe because I don’t know the reason.

But, please, I don’t want to hear pim.

Love yourselves.

Bare your vulnerability and flaws on each others feet.

Own your mistakes.

Don’t let a problem sour.

Microwave the problem or deep-freeze it before it sours.

Don’t let people like freeze use you people as bad examples.

Don’t give bloggers bad news to carry.

Starve your enemies of happiness. In essence, you shouldn’t give them one reason to smile.

Don’t let Nigerians say “so, after all the noise and Cape Town wedding… ”


I pray your marriage be more colorful than your wedding.

I pray God blesses you two immeasurably

May happiness arrest you both and never grant you bail.


Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu is a young Nigerian writer and social commentator. He can be reached via [email protected]