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Dencia shuts down a troll trying to involve her in Tacha & Angela Okorie’s issue

A social media user who was trying to involve Dencia in the Tacha and Angela Okorie diss got the response he didn’t expect.

After Angela Okorie called out Tacha for being ungrateful, social media users began slamming the former BBNaija housemate and her fans then, a lady responded to one of Mercy’s fans saying even if Dencia finds herself in Angela’s shoes, she will react the same way.

It all started with this tweet:

Buh did she force them ?? These celebs too do things and expects favors in return…I will always like Dencia – @SQuaicoe1

Even Dencia would get hurt if mercy ignores her msg and if it took mercy 2wweks to call her on phone. Mercy is always grateful to Dencia and have never taken her for granted. Call a spade a spade. Even God expects us to be grateful and acknowledge him. Mercy is always grateful – @queenjoy997

This got Dencia’s attention and she responded;

Don’t speak for me, I will never be hurt cuz someone didn’t call me or acknowledge me. That’s some dumb shit.Mercy doesn’t owe me anything neither does she owe anyone anything and that goes for everyone in this world, u don’t owe anyone anything cuz they did something for u.

Exchange below:


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