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Desmond Elliot and Mike Adenuga allegedly in GAY romance – Blogger alleges

Gist Lovers Blog, a top Nigerian news website that updates you with unique content focused on latest trending news, breaking news and today’s news headlines has alleged that Nigerian actor turned politician and billionaire, Mike Adenuga are in a hot GAY romance.

According to Gist Lover, Mike Adunuga made Desmond Elliot who he is today.

Gist Lover further alleged Adenuga is also bankrolling and dating a popular Nigerian cross dresser.

See post below:

“Hello tueh tueh,So uncle Adenuga is the one bankrolling Uncle Desmond Elliot abi watin Una Dey call am,he was the one who bought the ticket of the post he got for him at surulere as his lover boy,Uncle Adenuga Dey lash uncle Dessy gbola for yansh and it’s a known fact that uncle is very dangerous and he once threatened a journalist back then with her kids,but person no dey talk truth make him die there and of course you can’t cherish what you didn’t work for,Uncle Desmond got there by chance with the help of his sugar daddy and godfather Tinubu,if you see Desmond Dey yarn dust for house,him get back up o,na one of him back up be this,one known cross dresser is also on this Man’s list,for now let me share popcorn make everybody chop first before we continue gbas gbos in full,Igi Ewedu oni wo pawa o,I come in peace”

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